Social Media Plans

Social media is a fundamental way to interact and connect with students, parents, stakeholders and the wider community.

In schools and colleges today there are many demands on time and increasing concerns around security and compliance.

Worrying about what to put on Facebook each day or what hashtag should be incorporated into the mix should not be one of them. Through the use of our downloadable resources, we will help you to manage your channels, provide content daily, monitor your brand name online and use the words that work.

Value your time or need that extra support? We can work with you and create social media plans that engage with potential students, parents and the local community which is crucial for standing out in a competitive environment. We can also provide monthly analytics to show you how your brand and reputation is performing so you can get insights into your audience’s behavior which is vital for knowing the correct time of when to post content to generate more audience reach.

Social Advertising also now provides schools with the opportunity to be seen in front of more prospective students with pay-per-click campaigns and promoted/sponsored posts.

Get in contact with one of our team or discover our resource packages to see how we can transform your school communications.

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The Education Agency’s Turnkey Social Media Management packages provides schools with exception, hands-on management across your social channels.

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