Having a quality prospectus will become vital for communicating with potential students to maximise your school’s enrollment. Not only is it important to get the print design right to stay consistent with your brand, getting the copywriting right to convey the right message to your audience is crucial. In a competitive environment where students and parents have seen many of the local prospectuses, it is important to showcase why your school is unique to make you stay memorable with your audience.

The Education Agency can deliver expert advice to make sure your school’s prospectus is professional and communicates your brand effectively. Our goal is to help schools flourish which is why we provide downloadable resource packages that help you discover what a quality prospectus will need.

Looking for fully bespoke prospectus? We can bring creative ideas to life and design and create a modern prospectus for your school our smart strategy is designed to deliver incredibly effective content.

First, we begin our research for your school, we then appoint our in-house team of graphic designers, writers, interactive developers, and other creative talents to produce the quality, results-driven pieces The Education Agency is known for.

Our goal is to manage the process smoothly for you, maximise creativity, production time, cost-effectiveness, and workflow.

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