How We Work with Your School

Our Five Step Framework to Education Marketing™ is a process designed to construct a smart strategy and deliver it creatively. Easier said than done, but incredibly effective when done right.

Stage 1

We complete a market research program that discovers the facts about your school through community, staff and student perceptions. We work extremely hard and diligently at this stage so that we can diagnose the most appropriate solution.

Stage 2

To support school leadership and to embed how the vision will be delivered, we facilitate strategic workshops with leaders and school community representatives to develop a clear, focused marketing communications and reputation management plan.

Stage 3

With a passion to support your vision and goals, we create marketing materials, websites, prospectuses and brands that are designed to engage specifically with students, parents, stakeholders and your community. All designed to achieve the outcomes defined in your marketing plan.

Stage 4

We ensure your success by working with you to measure and manage your marketing program.

We Become A Partner.

We don’t expect you to do this alone. Marketing is a team effort. It takes a complete commitment from everyone involved. Reputations and brands don’t change overnight. It takes collaboration and perseverance.

Stage 5

Now that we know your school inside out, and have worked with you to create a structure for your marketing communications, we understand that you may need to report the successes of your investment.

So we document the metrics of our support against establish ved goals and objectives, and provide reporting to you, as and when you need it.

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