Who are we? 

Th Education Agency began when we realised  agencies were taking an old fashioned approach to marketing schools. Their approach was to take the same marketing package and use it through schools, not taking into consideration that every school is unique in their own way. Location, School values, level of education , audience, age category are all important factors to work with when deciding the best solution.

We decided to take a new approach to this old fashioned way of marketing, by creating bespoke packages for each individual client we knew it would enable each school to achieve excellence when creating their community profile. We provide you a return on investment as we are confident our bespoke marketing strategies will allow every school to flourish and achieve its best. Transforming your school is easy when you know how as we believe in a stategic approach to everything we do, we provide you a passionate and professional service every step of the way.

We are the UK’s expert school marketers – talk to us.