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The Education Agency is a leading Education Marketing agency that provides schools with bespoke packages and resources that are effective for every school's needs. Through taking a new approach to marketing, we have carefully developed our grasp on marketing into our distinctive packages that contain a wealth of knowledge and are bursting with creative ideas. We understand that every school is unique and needs a different solution which is why we provide you with bespoke solutions that drives your school to success.

In today's changing digital world, it is vital that schools, colleges, and universities stay ahead and innovative with their audience to compete in a competitive sector. We have worked closely with schools to aide their objectives of increasing enrolment and funding partners and we are proud to say we have had paramount success with our clients. Our goal is to allow your school to flourish by transforming your schools profile, whilst delivering you return on investment.

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We are proud to showcase a selection of our innovative and successful projects that have transformed schools and aided their objectives.

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